Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer

The Antlers Code Compliance Officer is responsible for handling city code violations, citations, and fines. Common code violations relate to structures, litter, junk, easements, signage, or fencing and yard maintenance.

The Office issues permits for new construction and remodels and is responsible for building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and gas inspections. The department oversees the database of 911 addresses. It is also responsible for the sales, location, and grave markings for Oddfellows and Antlers cemeteries.


City Planning Committee


The City Planning Committee is responsible to the management of the City Zoning Codes found in the City of Antlers Statutes, including addressing new codes and infringements on existing codes. The members of the committee are appointed by the City Council and include the Code Compliance Officer.

Planning Committee Members: Chairperson Barbara Talley, Deanna Blount, Sally Abernathy, Nicole Faber, and Vicki Settles.

Planning Committee Meeting: Third Monday of the month 12:00 PM at City Hall.

Agendas & Minutes for Planning & Zoning meetings are posted here and on the outside display board at City Hall.

To report city code violations, obtain construction permits, or request a building inspection, contact the Code Compliance Officer.

For information on county-wide 911 addresses, contact the Code Compliance officer.

For information on the sales, location, and grave markings for Oddfellows and Antlers cemeteries, contact the Code Compliance officer.

Code Compliance Officer: Shylor Lawrence
City Hall
Phone: 580-271-0098

Download the latest City Ordinance.