Positively Impact Your Community

Census results affect your community every day. Things like school lunches, plans for highways, and support for firefighter and families in need are determined by the data collected in the census.

The results of the 2020 Census will help determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding flow into communities throughout the United States every year for the next decade. That funding shapes many different aspects of every community, no matter the size or no matter the location.

Think of your morning commute: Census results influence highway planning and construction, as well as grants for buses, subways, and other public transit systems.

Or think of your local schools: Census results help determine how money is allocated for the Head Start program and for grants that support teachers and special education.

The list goes on, including programs to support rural areas, to restore wildlife, to prevent child abuse, to prepare for wildfires, and to provide housing assistance forĀ older adults.

If your interested in a comprehensive list please take a look at https://2020census.gov/en/community-impact.html.